Friday, October 12, 2007

A Scientific Review of The Correleation Between My Step-Sister and Everything That Is Wrong With Girls Today.

I said girls for a reason.

Because I'm hoping, in my heart of hearts, that when these girls GROW THE FUCK UP into women they will realize how ridiculous they've been behaving.

I can't really pinpoint when I first noticed the trend among young girls today to idolize the most vapid, braindead, coldhearted shit that they see the dumb cunts on TV doing. When Sex and the City came out, I, like many other men, found it to be moronic, unrealistic, and undividedly female oriented. In the back of my head I knew it bothered me, but I figured a mostly mature audience of grown women would know not to idolize such cuntery. Boy was I wrong.

Since then it's only picked up steam. Laguna Beach, The Hills, My Super-Sweet 16, (my anger at MTV is pretty severe too) Desperate Housewives, and the rest of those intelligence-reversing shows continue to inundate these girls with the idea that gossip, immature behavior, artificiality, material possesions, and most siginificantly WHAT THEY SEE ON TV is what they should strive to achieve in their lives.

And as if that's not enough, this profoundly retarded material comes available in book form. Not too long ago, while returning from the beach with my Step-Sister, I found a book (WHO THE FUCK goes to the beach to read? Honestly. You wanna read in the sun, go in your front yard) called "Gossip Girls" (although apparently it's gonna be a TV show soon, so no futher reading will be required ladies. You can get back to your redbull and cocaine). The tag-line on the back read "Welcome to Manhattan's upper east side, where Jealousy and Betrayal WILL get your name on the list...". Shortly after, I flew into a rage about what this BULLSHIT is doing to young girls. I felt like a goddamn 80 year old man.

My Step-Sister is 18 now. She just started college. She's got a boyfriend, so I guess she's past her "hooking up with my friends" stage. But I have no doubt that her increased sense of independence (although let's face facts, she couldn't surivive on her own anywhere, and it's a good thing her mom and my dad are LOADED) is gonna make her try to emulate those cunts even more.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Step-Sister. She's a good person, and I hope she gets to grow out of this phase on her own, as opposed to some extremely jarring situation making her realize it. I hope, someday, she'll realize what a dumb little cunt she used to act like sometimes.

To all the real women out there....You gotta keep it real for these bitches too.