Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Specific Personal Hatreds, vol. 1

-Bartenders who give me large bills as change. Do you want a tip or what? Because that 5 dollar Heineken certainly doesn't deserve a 5 dollar tip.

-Anyone who approaches me with "some interesting literature" I should "check out".

-People who shoot me dirty looks for smoking when I'm outside. I respect, even appreciate that the bars around here don't let you smoke inside. But in the open air I will do whatever I goddamn please.

-People who don't get when to fuck off. Great, I gave you a smoke, now fuck off. Oh what's that? You noticed I like the Yankees? Oh you too? Oh man that's fucking crazy. Please regale me with tales of how fucking crazy that is.

-Hot chicks that go to bars just to "stand around" and "look uninterested". Also, chicks that do that shit at house parties.

-My Father.