Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What’s In A Name?

So I’m a contributor on this Hatredy. What is this? Hat-ready? A blog to complain about ready-made hats we don’t like? Oh, Hatred-y, I get it. It was clever the first time I heard about it when our administrator, Phil was on a Metalocalypse fix (said in a Dennis Miller voice). So what do I truly hate? I am not a hateful person in the traditional sense, fire and guns make me nervous, so I would never do anything like that. But before I sound like The Neurotic Richard Lewis, I guess the most dangerous and hateful part of me is my words. I could string together a slew of expressions that would make a soldier of the Parliament cry…or kill me. In fact, I have dirt on all my friends that I am saving for a rainy hateful day, but likely going to the grave with. Truth is, I hate on my friends the most because deep down I love them like brothers or in Jay’s case, a little girl cousin, twice removed.

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