Monday, January 26, 2009

Farewell To Friends, a.k.a Good Riddance

"This is it what, Luchini pourin' from the sky lets get rich what, this is it what." - Camp Lo

Well my friends, and enemies, it is my great honor and humble duty to have been given this opportunity to speak on behalf of Jon and myself in saying... we are out. Adios amigos, and happy fuckin' trails. We hope that you will follow us to our new blog, which will be up and running by tom. 1/27/09.

A new blog? Why? These are a couple of the questions you may be asking. Here are some of our reasons. (you knew I had to do one last list)

1. The name. "Hatredy" doesn't really appeal to a great number of people. Trying to ask Phil to change the name has proven to be fruitless and is almost as painful as sodomizing yourself with a broken scotch bottle. We like to have alot of fun on this blog, but at the same time, Jon and I like to be serious occasionally. Bottom line, I don't want someone to find my blog on Bobby Murcer's passing and automatically assume that I am flaming the man because the blog is called, "Hatredy."

2. The links Phil has posted on the page. Hilary is mom jeans? What the fuck is that? 'Nuff said.

3. We have no control. When I first started posting on this blog, my posts were edited by Phil without my knowledge. Changing my grammatical errors, ( I was unaware of the spellcheck option... because well... I never looked). I was fine with that. Then he started changing my phrasing. Strike one. He has since stopped that BS, but we still have no control. I can't control what links are put on the site, and the fact that he can change what I have written is more than enough reasoning to want out.

4. We are subtly, and back-handedly reminded that it is not "our" blog from time to time. Really? I would think that two people who have continuously contributed to this Hindenburg of a blog for over a year would have a majority shareholders stake in this thing. Phil, you haven't posted in over six months... and you call it your blog?

5. Phil is the kind of guy who would read this post and respond by posting fifteen Youtube videos about why Barack Obama is the second coming of Christ and how we are all doomed by Global Warming, (which is widely considered by the world's leading scientific minds to be complete bullshit. Sorry Al). I just can't deal with that right now. The new blog will be comprised of Jon and myself. We do not see completely eye to eye on the topics of politics or religion, but we are pretty damn close. Close enough that I doubt that neither he nor myself would not want to be associated with a blog for what one of us posted.

6. It's time to move on. Believe it or not, I actually like blogging now. So does Jon. Why not make it a bit more serious?

So, in the end kids... It's been real. Our posts on this blog will be posted on the new blog and left here as well. Thank you to all those who have been faithful readers. Hatredy, I will miss you, but not your creator. To Phil, sorry buddy... but it had to be done. This was something that interested you for a while, and then faded away... which is kinda what you do. If anything you should have handed the reins over to us. What will interest you next? First it was your car (his dad was totally gonna buy him a mini cooper brodycake), then it was your cat... then you moved... then it was snowboarding... then it was death metal.... then it was tattoos.... then it was your hair.... then it was your dog.... now it's Candy. I hope for all of their sakes you never get a bird, or then it's so long Canderberus Vig VonHooterscook... and hello Tweety!

On behalf of Jon and myself.... Goodbye... and Welcome (to the new blog) Jonnyboy should have the link up and posted on this here site by tom. Later kids, see you at da' new spot.

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