Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hibernating The Hate: A Farewell To Phil

Thousands of our readers have been posing the age old adage, “Where is Phil?” I myself would be asking the same question if I wasn’t so busy sighing in relief. Phil has not posted a blog in nearly 6 months, since his George Carlin tribute (which consisted of “I’m sad: now here be 15 YouTube videos of Jorge Karlen, brody”). This led many to believe that he may ascended (or more likely descended) with Mr. Carlin into eternal slumber. Phil is not dead, the hate is just hibernating. It is way too difficult to find the time to come up with an original thought when the only things floating in your damaged brain is your girlfriend/wife, dog, drugs and an occasional work night (just for some spending money) in that particular order. With Phil seemingly engaged to disengage the simulator that is this blog, we bid him farewell. For the fans of his posts, Jon Drama and Johnnyboy will more than suffice providing you some of the same witticism you have come to know and love or hate. Consider us your beacons of hope, shamans of sarcasm, angor night delights and innovators of idiosyncratic idealisms. I once bashed the man in a blog as a gag and inside joke, but if I was a line cook who was financially secure for life and whose only responsibility was to have fun, avoid jail and simply stay alive, I wouldn’t have a great need to write a blog on a site called Hatredy (I’ve always hated that title and it scares away any potential readers) either. As a working stiff who simply would like an easier life myself, I say this to our carefree former blogger:

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